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Please see below for care on our suede and wool fabrics.

Caring for your suede

Our wool/suede trim vests come with such finely crafted material, Sorella Clothing Co. understands the importance’s of giving suede more TLC than the rest of your outerwear.

All our suede is sealed with a suede protectant spray.

For minor spot cleaning:

Rub a suede block on the stain in question before using a suede brush that combines rubber and brass bristles. Gently brush in the direction of the grain to prevent any damage (regularly brushing your vest will ensure the suede stays soft). When removing mud, dirt or food, make sure the area marked has air dried first.

For a more serious stain:

Such as a spilt glass of wine or general wear your suede vest will require an intensive clean. While some out there advocate cleaning suede at home using a domestic washing machine, we strongly advise against this. As with any piece in your wardrobe that you truly care about, we always recommend seeking the help of a professional.

Most dry cleaners worth their salt offer a suede and leather cleaning service and once you have found one you can trust you should take your outerwear to be cleaned once or twice a year depending on how often you wear each piece. It’s important not to become too reliant on such cleaning services by also looking after your animal hide clothing - too much wear, not enough care and frequent cleaning will cause further strain on your suede vest.

Caring for your wool:

At Sorella Clothing Co., we pride ourselves on using the highest quality Italian wool for our vests. Here are some tips and tricks on how to care for this beautiful and fine fabric.


Chemicals can wreak havoc on delicate fibers over time, so avoid booking your vest in for a dry clean too often. One to three times a year (if you’ve worn it a number of times) should be enough if you air it between uses and get rid of splashes or dirt quickly.


However careful you are to avoid stains or spilling wine down yourself, the same can’t be said for other guests at the ranch. 

If you get a stain on your vest and it isn’t due for a dry clean, try dabbing it out with some warm water on a soft cloth with no detergent or chemicals.

Avoid rubbing it, just dab it, and if it doesn’t come out then speak to the dry cleaners.


You don’t need to take your vest to the dry cleaners if it’s looking a bit crumpled. Instead, use a steamer to gently ease creases out yourself. 

If you regularly wear soft Italian wool or your sorella clothing co. vest, buying a steamer is well worth the investment.

Make sure you avoid ironing your vest (even on a very low temperature) because the heat can burn the fibers and the pressure can upset the structure of the weave.


Even if you’re not a seasoned wool wearer, a clothes brush is a must. Look for ones made from animal hair because these will be the gentlest against any natural fibers in your suit, like wool.

After you take off your vest, brush gently in downward strokes to get rid of any dust and dirt before these particles settle into the material.


There’s a science to hanging wool garments correctly. 

It should be on a large wooden hanger with curved ends to fill the shoulders – the wood naturally absorbs moisture from your suit and the shoulder support helps keep its shape. It’s worth taking a spare hanger to work if you tend to take off your vest or store it at the ranch.

if storing for a long period of time, hanging your vest in a clothes bag will help prevent any pesky insects, like moths, getting to it.

Cedar blocks will also naturally deter them. Just avoid using a bag made of plastic and instead try to store in the cloth one that was provided with your sorella clothing co. order. a clothing bag will allow some air to flow through to keep it smelling fresh. Before you put it in the bag, it’s worth hanging it outside for a couple of hours after you’ve worn it to get rid of any surface scents.


make sure to thoroughly clean out pockets of your vests and outerwear garments as bulkiness can distress the seams of the vest. Plus, overloaded pockets will ruin a crisp outline.