Estancia was created by sisters Margaret and Alicia Amberson, in effort to celebrate the vastness of Texas and the resilient women who came before them.
Growing up, the pair quickly noticed the glamorized version of life in Texas leaves little nuance or interpretation of the varied and multicultural identity of Texans. The Texan way of life is cosmopolitan with a rich mix of heritage and experience. In Texas, nature and weather control life in the range cattle industry, in farming, and outdoor enjoyment. Estancia’s approach to design is functionality paired with elevated silhouettes to create classic garments that will last a lifetime while sustaining wear and tear of harsh climates.

About Margaret + Alicia:

The two studied at The University of Texas at Austin, where the idea of unifying a community through artwork and designs came into play.

The two quickly discovered a partnership could become a reality - between Alicia’s painting and research skills, paired with Margaret’s design background.

Alicia studied studio art, art history, and finance while Margaret studied printmaking and textiles. Margaret graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise in Los Angeles, where she then began working for Vince as a fabric purchaser. Currently, Margaret manages domestic production for Centric Brands, including Hudson and Favorite Daughter.

Alicia began working for Marco Fine Arts in Austin, Texas, and currently assists in exhibition design at the Witte Museum in San Antonio, Texas.


Meet Margaret + Alicia

To us, Estancia means home.

Estancia is all about honoring our heritage while bringing the western silhouette into the 21st century. We aim to revolutionize women’s western wear, and redefine what it means to be a modern woman in the south.  Our clothing is made to be versatile to be worn out in the country or on the go. We use the highest quality fabrics, threads, and trims and guarantee your Estancia pieces will last a lifetime.


Margaret and Alicia