While working with images of Texas wildflowers, we find there to be much beauty in some of the lesser known Texas Spring blooms, particularly the ones that grow in a semi-tropical climate.
The stories that surround wildflowers are captivating, like the folktale of the Widow’s Tears and the legend of the pink bluebonnet and Blue Water Lily. The oral tradition of passing down strange origin stories about the wildlife of South and Central Texas is fascinating- an alternative version of “the language of flowers”. Furthermore, the medicinal uses of these plants abound. It’s said that beggars used to use the acrid sap of Buttercups to blister their skin and inspire sympathy. The leaves of a Salt Marsh Morning Glory can be applied to snake bites in a poultice. Fleabane was used by the Cherokee to treat internal hemorrhage.
Alicia Amberson took the folklore and meanings of Texas wildflowers to create a Shawl that is packed with beauty and poise.
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